Robert Picardo Star Trek Voyager signed 8×10 photo


Robert Picardo as Dr Lewis Zimmerman from Star Trek Voyager signed 8×10 photo


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This item is a hand signed collectible from the person listed in the title. This item has either been signed at a Media Investments sanctioned event or has been acquired by a Media Investments staff member or acquired from a reliable Media Investments partner or collection. The item has been compared with known exemplars of the celebrity autograph in question and has been deemed authentic by a Media Investments staff member or by a third party authentication. The item has been tagged with a tamper proof holographic style sticker upon authentication. The item will also come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Media Investments.

The following photo is from the David Riggan collection. David Riggan was a celebrity convention handler throughout the late 1980s through the mid 2000s. David attended many Star Trek and Stargate conventions as the liason between Celebs and the public. This item comes from his personal autograph collection. Item comes with a Tamperproof sticker and COA from Media Investments

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