Jennie Kwan “Suki” Avatar the Last Airbender signed Funko Pop with quote


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“I Am a Warrior, But I Am A Girl Too”

Signed at Fanboy Expo Indy 2022

This item is a hand signed collectible from the person listed in the title. This item has either been signed at a Media Investments sanctioned event or has been acquired by a Media Investments staff member or acquired from a reliable Media Investments partner or collection. The item has been compared with known exemplars of the celebrity autograph in question and has been deemed authentic by a Media Investments staff member or by a third party authentication. The item has been tagged with a tamper proof holographic style sticker upon authentication. The item will also come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Media Investments.

Funko Pops are Nr-Mt and box may have slight blemishes. Any noticeable damage is noted